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Coach Hawk

 Dan Hawk

I’m on the left with seven of the boys in our Sun Prairie Crush Basketball Club.  This shot, I believe represents “what I’m about.”  One of the boys is my son.  Three of the boys live with their mom and dad.  While two of the boys live in single mother homes.  Another boy lived with my family while “his parents tried to figure some things out.”  7 boys, 7 totally different situations.  All of them have the opportunity of the “American Dream” but will they get there? I feel a strong pull inside of myself that wants to let these young men know, HEY, I’m here for you, I’m listening. Most of these boys feel like no one is listening to them.  They feel that people don’t understand nor do they care to understand them.  I do. 

I understand what its like to sit and class so stressed out about what happened the night before at home or worried about my game this afternoon and how I am going to play when the last thing I ate was school lunch that afternoon. I understand what it is to be poor and in a broken home.

I understand not having a clue what to do next.  I was thrown out of the house at the age of 16 and have been doing it on my own ever since.

I now own my own business and Basketball Club and I really only answer to myself and my family. When I was younger I didn’t really believe I would be where I am today.  But there have been a few mentors that have shown me differently in my own life.  People need people that give shit. Period.  Maybe I make that a shirt. ” I GIVE A SH!^ !!!”

My hope is that others will see that their time and story is what is needed.  The kids in the picture, won’t give you the time day unless they trust you.  They trust who they think understands them and what they have gone through and go through.  I believe this is a great platform to get more people who “get it” to get involved.

We are always looking for Volunteers.  Can you Help?

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