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Wisconsin Crush Select

The Wisconsin Crush Select Girls Basketball team is a competitive and well-respected organization, dedicated to helping young athletes reach their full potential on the court. As members of the top-tier Prep Girls Hoops Circuit, the team regularly competes in top events such as the USJN and Nike Tournament of Champions.


We offer teams for the 2025, 2026, and 2027 classes, providing a challenging and supportive environment for young athletes to grow and reach new heights in their basketball careers. If you are a dedicated and driven player, who is committed to continuously improving and reaching your full potential, we invite you to join the Wisconsin Crush Select Girls Basketball team.

Who makes a Crush Select team

We are looking for talented and dedicated players who have a daily commitment to improving their skills and conditioning. We believe that players who have a strong work ethic, and put in the effort to continuously develop their abilities, are the key to success on the court. At Wisconsin Crush Select, we don't coach effort and energy; we expect our players to bring maximum effort 100% of the time.

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