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Wolf Pack teams will play in the Southern Wisconsin Basketball League, a weekly league with the majority of games taking place here in Sun Prairie.  Each team will play in 5 tournament. All tournaments are played in Sun Prairie

https___www.crushbasketball.net_tournamentteams  Crush Boys Basketball

Wolf Pack  team basketball is a great place to grow and improve your game. Either for the beginner or for the more experienced players that might want to improve their  skills and get in some great training and game play. Crush Basketball is perfect for the multi sport athlete. We provide a great culture and environment for athletes to stay on their game.  Also, everyone plays in EVERY game and not just the last couple minutes. 


Wolfpack Community Basketball Teams

Boys 5th to 8th grade Season

Oct 26th to Jan 7th 

Practice Mon & Wed in Sun Prairie


Girls 5th to 8th grade Season

November 14th to Feb 18th

Practice Mon & Wed in Sun Prairie
Coach McLin
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